Workshop Info and Dates

Clare and Caro are currently running workshops for teachers and musicians


1. ‘Colours’ workshop

based on our resource ‘Colours of Aotearoa’

  • ideas for your classroom
  • use of ukulele, marimba, xylophone, percussion, puppets and more

2.¬† ‘Okeley Dokeley Ukulele’ workshop

with 12 original songs CD and book available for purchase¬†–

  • for beginners to intermediate players

3. ‘Home for Christmas’ workshop

  • Children’s Book and CD
  • Explore a Kiwi Christmas story with song and instruments
  • Ideal for Christmas Productions and Junior School performances

4.¬† ‘Orff’ Workshops

based on the music and movement Orff Schulwerk approach to music education

  • chants, songs, body percussion, non-melodic instruments, melodic instruments, circle games and more

5. Behind Bars workshop

Tunes for marimba

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