C-Change on Tour

Share and Care on the Marimba

Share and Care on the Marimba

After our adventures in OZ, Clare and I embarked on another journey: our NZ tour!

In the last 8 weeks we have done some workshops in Auckland and Hamilton. We have been pleasantly surprised by the good turn out to all of these sessions and especially by the enthusiasm and support we have received by the participants. It is great when people are positive and encouraging about what you do!

Some of the comments teachers made about our workshops were:

“I have had so much fun today”

” I enjoyed every single minute of it”

“Good work girls, it is great to try some new, fresh material that I can use in the classroom.”

“Thanks for the course – great presentation from you both, and makes me more enthusiastic to go for it. Staff liked the report back, and are looking to have more music in the classes”

“I have been doing ‘Value Yourself’ as an assembly song. It works very well. It is great that it is so easy to sing, which means the whole school can join in. I have also had fun asking the children what they think it means. My favourite answer was from a 5 year old who said “It means, I’m really special”

We are very busy meeting deadlines at the moment for our Christmas story with CD and organising our next workshops which will take place in:

Palmerston North 17 April

Napier 1 May

Wellington 23 May

Christchurch 3 July

ECCPA Conference August in Melbourne

If you haven’t been to one of them and are in the neighbourhood, please come along – you will not be disappointed.

Musically Yours – Caro and Clare